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Thank you for all your guidance you guided me and inspired me on my healing and wellness journey.
Thank you for posting them! I've already implemented a few and I can't wait to add the others into my routine to better support my body 😊 I've been following you for a while and I always love seeing your content, it's so informative and encouraging. 🫶🏼
After watching Multiple videos, this has been the most honest and educational video I have seen. Thank you very much for sharing your story with us. I love how you healed your acne from within. When it comes to acne, people just want to recommend a product or tell you to wash your face lol... but no one ever talks about how hormones affect us or the food and drinks we consume.

About Me:

My Story


From a young age, my body sent me signals that something was amiss. Diagnosed with hyperhidrosis at six, I embarked on a journey filled with challenges that many women face but often in silence.


My hormones were in turmoil. From hair loss and debilitating period pains to erratic cortisol levels, my body was in a state of constant distress. Like many, I scoured the internet for quick fixes, tried juice cleanses, and tested countless remedies. But it was all in vain.


The turning point came when I realized that my symptoms weren’t “just stress” or “normal.” They were cries for help from a body out of balance. By addressing the root causes, not just the symptoms, I transformed my health. I strengthened my hair, regulated my periods, and rejuvenated my exhausted adrenals.


This journey wasn’t just about healing; it was about empowerment, understanding, and reclaiming control over my body.

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