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Hormone Harmony Academy

Our program runs for 12 weeks. Each week, you’ll get access to a new module and a live group coaching call. We’ve designed the course to fit into your busy schedule, allowing you to engage with the content even on the go. Plus, with lifetime access, you can revisit the material anytime you need.

We provide a meal plan to eliminate any guesswork. You’ll find vegetarian and paleo-friendly recipes that accommodate various protein sources. These meals are designed to support hormonal balance throughout your cycle. Feel free to adapt the recipes as needed; strict adherence to the meal plan isn’t mandatory for experiencing benefits.

Yes! The program is flexible, designed to complement your existing commitments. If you stray from the plan occasionally, that’s okay. Our approach is about making consistent, healthier choices, supported by a community on Facebook ready to offer encouragement and advice.

We don’t offer refunds on digital products. Upon registration, you receive immediate access to the program materials, which are non-returnable. We recommend signing up only when you’re ready to commit to enhancing your health.

After signing up, you’ll enter our Member Area, your central hub for all content, including modules, eBooks, and guides. With lifetime access, you can enjoy the materials at your own pace.

While we do suggest certain supplements for optimal results, purchasing them isn’t compulsory. Following the dietary and lifestyle guidelines alone can still bring significant improvements.

Absolutely. The program teaches you how to support your hormonal health with proper nutrition and lifestyle habits, helping regulate your cycle or even restore a missing period.

No, 1-on-1 coaching isn’t part of the program. However, if you need more tailored guidance, you can arrange a private session with our Holistic Nutritionists. We also encourage active participation in our Facebook group, where I’m available to address your questions and concerns.

Though not specifically tailored for menopause, the program offers valuable insights into balancing hormones and could alleviate menopausal symptoms. You’re also welcome to seek specific advice in our Facebook group.

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